Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cliché : Hello World

I still like using this title :)
I have started one more blog to keep my programming notes separate from my animation and technical art blogs. In my journey so far, I have discovered that no matter how long I work with programming I never lose the passion for this field. I do have my ups and downs, but in a long run I know I am not going to leave programming. I really like working with different technologies. I have worked with Flash & ActionScript quite a lot in the past and I have also been working with python and c++. In the recent times, I have been working with web programming using PHP and jQuery.

At present I am working on my new website using CodeIgniter framework. There are not many frameworks or platforms that are easy to start with and unobtrusive. Many frameworks give freedom to do whatever you want, but only few give the freedom in a way that does not come in your way to solving your problems. CodeIgniter lets me use my own coding style without imposing too many rules to my workflow.

I have also started using jQuery for creating rich user experience. I like many convenient features of jQuery to create dynamic content with less code. Recently I have developed more interest in web applications with great looking and efficient user interfaces that give users rich experience on the web. I find this very challenging and enjoy making it very much :)

My wife has proposed a great idea and we have started planning on how to realize this idea. Hopefully if time goes well this idea will start shaping into what we have imagined :)

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